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"...if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

2 Chronicles 7:14

We testify to what the Almighty has done. On a hot and stormy August night, thousands of people from hundreds of different churches, across many denominations, came together in prayer for Pastors, their families, our prodigals, our churches, our city, and our nation. The First Annual Delaware Valley Prayer Gathering, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia, was born out of a desire to call God's people back to corporate prayer and to remind them that HE is the one who does the work. 

From the very first gathering, God sent His presence in a mighty way as hearts joined together for healing, repentance, encouragement, and great spiritual blessing throughout the country. God is at work, and we are excited and blessed to be a part of it. 

Hosting a prayer event, pastor's prayer meeting, or inviting Jim Maxim to speak is a rewarding experience with lasting impact. Jim brings years of experience, insight, and a passion for prayer that has blessed many. 

Learn about upcoming events and Prayer Gatherings

What God is doing in Hot Springs

What God is doing in South Jersey

ACTS413 Prayer Gatherings

ACTS413 Prayer Gatherings
South Jersey Prayer Gathering AD

South Jersey Prayer Gathering AD

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The 1st Hot Springs Prayer Gathering

The 1st Hot Springs Prayer Gathering

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The 2nd Hot Springs Prayer Gathering

The 2nd Hot Springs Prayer Gathering

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The 3rd Hot Springs Prayer Gathering

The 3rd Hot Springs Prayer Gathering

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Host a Pastor's Prayer Meeting

Connect with ministries in your area, develop relationships, and discover new ways to impact your community. 

Partner for a Prayer Event

If you would like to have ACTS413 Ministries partner with you in running a Prayer Gathering or another prayer event, we would love to speak with you, pray with you, and start the process of hosting in your area. 

Jim Maxim Speaking Request

ACTS413 Ministries' founder and author, Jim Maxim, speaks, prays, and teaches across the nation. He has been a featured guest speaker on radio, TV, as well as conferences, rallies, prayer events, churches, and schools. Jim's passion for prayer and heart for pastors makes for a dynamic, encouraging, and challenging event to remember. 

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"For years I was filled with prejudice, apathy, and mistrust. As I prayed that night, I was struck how this was the first time I held the hand of a white woman...but not just a “white woman”, but a sister in Christ! We have continued to pray and fellowship together."

"The Sunday after the prayer gathering our church took more time to pray in the service then we have in years. God is at work in our city."

"I cannot thank you enough I was so blessed and encouraged tonight from the greeters to the preaching and singing. Thank you so much. I want to send a small donation can you tell me where to send it. Again thank you I was delivered and encouraged."

"I just kept crying out to God for him, and before I knew it, I was totally healed in my heart from all the hurt he had caused. I just kept asking God to touch him right there in prison."

"Powerful night as hundreds of like minded individuals showed up (despite the rain and traffic conditions) to watch God move on behalf of His people."

"It was perfect...sweet move of the Spirit."

"I have been saved for 30 years, yet God moved in my heart in such a way as I have not experienced. I am forever changed."

"My whole life has been about prayer. What I shared with all of you was only the tip of the iceberg…from near death experiences, being kidnapped as a child, all the things I shared, and many more. But knowing that God has worked in my father-in-law’s heart and he now has the desire to get close to God and be in church is nothing short of a miracle."

"Pastors have committed to weekly prayer meetings with each other and the unity of believers in our city is powerful. To God be the glory."

"I have long been looking for an organic opportunity to reach beyond the walls created by our denominational differences. This event was so encouraging to see differences wash away in the unifying Holy Spirit. What an essential and beautiful reminder of the variety God has within His kingdom."

"My son, was in prison due to get out soon. Jim looked right down at me and said these words: 'You may have a son in prison, and tonight we are going to believe that God will touch him right there in that prison cell."

"Praise the Lord for this event! I look forward to it every year and it never disappoints."

"Thank you! You did such wonderful work. What a blessing!"

"Grown men and women were weeping in repentance and joy for what God is doing. Powerful!"

"I got back home, and in a couple of days I heard from my son. He told me that he surrendered his soul to Jesus and asked Him into his life and begged God for forgiveness! My son is truly born again and now is released from prison and truly walking with God. Now he is calling me every day, and we talk about Jesus and all that God has done for him."

"Hundreds of people gathered together to seek the face of Almighty God and his presence was so real it seemed like you could reach out and touch it."

"Watching the exact words of the message speak directly to my friends situation. Made me feel guilty for the rest of the room, since it was so for her and even the Benefit of a good nights sleep for her, just as they claimed in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for an amazing night! Wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else." 

"My soul has been stirred, my heart has been moved, my prayer life has been ignited after attending the prayer gathering at the convention center."

"Awesome reminder that God is in control and He can care for "our baskets" better than anyone when we just trust Him!!! Just let go and watch God work!"

"In my own personal life this has been a game changer."

"God's presence tangible as He met with His people in that room. It was genuine, not kooky, fake, or manufactured. This was a real move of God."

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