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The Founder of Acts413 Ministries, Jim Maxim, has felt a special burden in his heart to bring the body of Christ closer to God through prayer. In his 21 Day series, Jim has combined short devotionals on prayer with daily audio prayers to help guide the reader/listener to a deeper relationship with God through this wonderful gift of prayer. In his autobiography, Face to Face with God, Jim shares his testimony and how God used his praying mother as He brought Jim from darkness to light. 

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Knowing God—and knowing that He’s at work in you with His power and His plan—will enable you to have victory over demonic strongholds like negative emotions, addictions, compulsiveness, inferiority complex, and anything else that is out of control. All of these can be broken and defeated every time through the power of prayer, just as Jesus taught us.

21 Days of Prayer to Overcome Strongholds is an interactive experience. Follow along with the authors as they pray each day.

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Are there things in your personal life, your loved ones’ lives, or your church life that desperately need to change for the better? Have you been yearning for real spiritual breakthrough in the challenging situations you face? Have you ever considered that God is just waiting for His people to cry out to Him in prayer together?

21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer is an interactive experience. Follow along with the authors as they pray each day.

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God wants you to experience Him more fully than ever before!

21 Days of Deeper Prayer follows the powerful 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer, which has sold over 85,000 copies and is used by churches, small groups, and families to transform their Christian life.


Focus your heart, mind, and spirit so God might burst through your life and shower you with His presence.

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This personal account of Jim Maxim’s deliverance from alcoholism and a destructive lifestyle after a near-fatal car accident, when Jesus appeared to him and gave him a second chance at life, shows how readers can receive God’s love and purpose for living. 

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