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Face-to-Face with God 
A True Story of Rebellion and Restoration 
by Jim Maxim

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This personal account of Jim Maxim’s deliverance from alcoholism and a destructive lifestyle after a near-fatal car accident, when Jesus appeared to him and gave him a second chance at life, shows how readers can receive God’s love and purpose for living. 

"If you or a loved one is in a tough situation, and, in the natural, it seems almost impossible that any good can come out of it, my mom would say to you, “This book is for you.” It is my prayer that you will enter into the secret place of prayer and into the very presence of God. For it is there that all the victories are won, no matter what odds are against you. I am living proof of this reality." 

- Jim Maxim, ACTS413 Ministries

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What Are People Saying about Face-to-Face with God?

Face to Face with God: A True Story of Rebellion and Restoration tells how as a teenage alcoholic, found himself face to face with God after a tragic auto accident-one that destroyed his looks but renewed his life. 

While in the hospital, Jesus appeared to him, Maxim writes. With little knowledge of God, he was headed to Marine boot camp when he found a Gideon Bible, its words satisfying this thirsty soul. He also developed a pattern of praying that God would help home make faith come alive in the hearts of others, accounts of which he shares along with key scriptures.

The military proved a testing ground for his faith, but also an opportunity to have his appearance restored through reconstructive surgery. Today, as a businessman, Maxim does his work as unto the Lord. 

An evangelist at heart, Maxim urges readers to follow Christ. Christians will benefit from this book’s rich resources for those who want to share their faith. - Eilene Ishler

Do you believe in miracles and the power of prayer? You will after reading the story of Jim Maxim’s encounter with God. 
—Rev. Randy Carroll
Former pastor of fifty years
Findlay, OH

"Whitaker House 2011 Summer Reading Top 4"

Life is full of difficulties and trials, but Jim Maxim has learned to live triumphantly because of his walk with God. I have known Jim for more than thirty years and have found him to be a genuine friend, a man of integrity who makes an impact for God in the business world, in his family life, and around the world with his passion for souls. I admire him for his boldness and consistency in his witness for Christ. 

—Pastor James Leake
Acts 20:24 Ministry
Pastor Emeritus, Monroeville AOG
Monroeville, PA

The story of God’s amazing grace in the life of Jim Maxim is a testimony to God’s sovereign, miraculous, and saving love. Read this book and be blessed. Share his message of hope with others who’ve lost their way. See again how the gospel of Jesus Christ makes broken lives overflow with strength and joy. 

—Dr. Peter A. Lillback
President, Westminster Theological Seminary
Philadelphia, PA

This book is a must-read. Jim’s life is a vindication of hope and faith in the relentless love of God. The book contains a treasure chest of theological and biblical truths that do not require a professor of theology to unlock. 

—Dr. Herbert H. Lusk II
Pastor, Greater Exodus Baptist Church
Philadelphia, PA
Former running back, Philadelphia Eagles

Jim Maxim is a living testimony of God’s power to redeem. His journey will inspire you to trust the Master for release from your captivity. 

—Dr. Jack Hayford
Jack Hayford Ministries
Founding pastor, The Church On The Way
Van Nuys, CA

Jesus showed His passion, compassion, and resolve time and again during His earthly journey. Jim Maxim, with an inspiring and prayer-filled awe for the Lord, has discovered the power of those same emotions in following the Spirit’s leading as a Christian witness in his own journey. Readers of this book will be inspired to follow similarly. 

—David R. Black, Ph.D.
President, Eastern University
St. Davids, PA

It is one thing to read about God’s work in a man’s life; it is another to see it lived out. For ten years, I have had that privilege. Jim Maxim’s story of a life transformed is one of the great apologetics for belief in the Christian God. Read it and rediscover what grace means. 

—Pastor Bob Guaglione
Calvary Chapel of Delaware County
Chadds Ford, PA

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