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ACTS413 Ministries has had the privilege to partner with pastors who are burdened for building the kingdom of God. We are often told by those that once they attend a Prayer Gathering or a Pastor's Prayer Meeting, how they are impacted with a renewed and enlarged vision for what God is doing in the very community in which they serve. 

"I had been pastor of my church for 20 years and never visited the church across the street and around the corner. The Pastor's Prayer meeting gave me the opportunity to not only meet others like me, but to join with with pastors who understood the challenges we face. I felt isolated. They prayed for me, and I for them. I began to see the reality of what God is doing in our community!" 

The reality is that Pastor's Prayer Meetings give birth to Prayer Gatherings and Prayer Gatherings give birth to Pastor's Prayer Meetings. 

We are convinced that by strengthening our Pastors, and their families, we will strengthen the Church, our communities, and our land!

Pastors are the spiritual authorities in the land. Their Churches are God's PLAN A for gathering, building, and ministering to His people. There is no PLAN B! 

The Pastor's Prayer Meetings are designed for those in pastoral ministry to connect with one another, pray together, share burdens, and find support and fellowship. 

We hope you take this opportunity to be blessed and bless others like you. 

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