"Are you ready for the

rivers of Living Water?"

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 

‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” 
John 7:38




God wants you to experience Him more fully than ever before!


Jesus told His followers that those who believe in Him will have rivers of living water flowing from the depths of their beings. These rivers come from the presence of the Holy Spirit and are available in prayer!


When we receive Jesus, God's Spirit takes up residence within us to be our Teacher, Guide, Ruler, and Comforter. But have you consistently experienced an intimate relationship with Him, where He moves with awesome power, flowing through you into the lives of the people around you? Would you like to know Him in this way?

God wants you to experience Him more fully than you ever have in your life! What if I told you that if you spend the next twenty-one days reading this little book and joining in interactive prayer, then genuine rivers of the Holy Spirit will burst through your life? Would you do it?

If you are willing, God Himself will shower you with His presence. You will learn how to pray to a heavenly Father who hears and answers you. You will experience moments with Him that will transform you from the inside out and take you to the next level in your Christian walk. God will change you right in front of the people who you know you best. They will clearly see that you have been changed, that you have something you didn’t have before, and they will want what you have. You will know, see, taste, and feel the potency of the Holy Spirit in prayer as you bring others before God.

Book Release Date Set For December 2020


This is a playlist of prayers to be used alongside the book "21 Days of Deeper Prayer" by Jim Maxim with Daniel Henderson.

  • Read the devotional for the day, then listen to the corresponding prayers on this page.

  • Pray in agreement with us for the Almighty to breakthrough in your life for His glory and your good. 

  • Share this with your brothers and sisters in Christ that we might all agree. 


Our hope is that this will be a powerful tool to change your prayer life and help usher you into the daily presence of God. 

Audio Prayers for

21 Days of Deeper Prayer Coming Soon

Pastor Kevin Myers

Founder & Senior Pastor

12Stone Church

“Jesus invites us to “pray and not give up”!  John Wesley concluded, “God does nothing except in response to believing prayer!”  So I long to be among people engaging the presence and power of God.  I got ahold of this book and walked through it personally for 21 days. Then did the same with my family, the staff and elders. Then I wanted our entire church to experience it so we ordered 15,000 copies and sought the Lord together for 21 days, culminating in a night of prayer and worship. This book helped stir a prayer movement for our church to go to the next level. Get this book and take God up on his offer to pray!  

Review of the 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer - The Power of Agreement

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