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Host a Prayer Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting a prayer event with ACTS413 Ministries. Prayer events are all at once a blessed experience and a serious commitment to prayer. God is using these events to mobilize His people individually, in the local bodies, and in the greater church. We have found ourselves on the front-lines of spiritual warfare - especially when we seek to breakdown barriers, organize, and simply have the faith to take God at His word. We have seen God at work in the hearts of His people, to comfort those who suffer, to strengthen those who are weak, and to wake up those who are too comfortable. 

Jim Maxim brings to bear decades of evangelism, rich life experiences, a heart for pastors, a balance of seriousness with humor, and a true passion for prayer that God uses to challenge, inspire, and encourage His people. The ACTS413 team is able to run an event for and with you.

Prayer Gatherings can range from 300 - 3000 people. ACTS413 has hosted events in churches and at large convention centers, banquet rooms and churches. There are 4 general scales to producing an event or series of events:


  • Speaking Engagement - Invite Jim as a speaker to your own planned event.

  • Host a Church Prayer Event - Jim and the ACTS413 team come your church and produce the event with/for your church.

  • Host a Community-Wide Prayer Gathering - Rent a venue for one night. The ACTS413 team comes to produce the event     with/for your community.

  • Host a Series of Prayer Gatherings in your City - Work with you and other organizations to develop a multi-event plan. Possibility of multiple locations, teams, and types of event.

Hosting a Prayer Gathering takes commitment on the part of local pastors to support the Acts413 Team in all of the planning aspects of organizing the Prayer Gathering. If you are thinking about this opportunity, commit to pray now and seek out other pastors in your area to begin praying about hosting a Prayer Gathering in your area.  Please contact Acts413 Ministries using the form below. Please include a general description of the event, and any ideas you have about venue, scope, location, dates and any other information you have. We will send you a list of FAQ's to help you better understand what is involved with planning a Prayer Event.

Note - ACTS413 Ministries receives many requests per year to speak all over the world. Due to scheduling constraints, Jim is only able to accept some invitations. Please do not let this preclude you from contacting us. Each request will be reviewed and responded to regardless of size, location etc. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Are you interested in hosting a Prayer Event?

Thanks! Message sent.

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